Well done WIX

Context: I moved away recently from WIX.com for my hosting needs (this blog), but today WIX impressed me.

Today I did some work for Modern Postnatal Recovery, I needed to create:

  • a landing page with a form,
  • a thank you page that allow also download a file
  • a booking system for one-to-one session, synchronised with Google Calendar
  • accept payments for the sessions

To do all of this I worked 2 hours and a half. On my previous WordPress website, I tried to do the same and after 10 hours I had nothing as integrated as the WIX stuff. If I had to ask for someone to do it, I would have spent (my estimate) £500-£1000 instead of £13 per month.

While I still find WIX very bad for blogging, I find it impressive for business sites.

Well done WIX guys, good work deserves recognition.

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