What I learned from seven brief lessons on physics

seven brief lessons on physics by Carlo Rovelli ( Affiliate Amazon link ) is a passionate book that gave me the reason why physics is a beautiful, never-ending, vital for the world topic with people dedicating their life to it.

In 80 pages, written in simple words, the book covers (titles are mine):

  1. Theory of Relativity - 10 pages
  2. Quantum theory - 10 pages
  3. The evolution of our place in the universe - 8 pages
  4. Quarks, gluons and others - 8 pages
  5. Relativity and Quantum cannot be both right, something is missing in our understanding - 11 pages
  6. How time is defined and luck in physics (mind blowing) - 13 pages
  7. About us humans in this world. Why physics and philosophy are complementary

“Picture of the book seven brief lessons on physics”

à bientôt

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