Do you know the 23 types of discounts?

Some day ago I was creating a Wardley Map of Strategic Blue’s offering and as we care only about money and cloud, discounts are part of my map.

So I searched online for the different types of discounts available, to them map them to what is already available from cloud vendors. I was expecting 5-7 types of discounts, I found 23, here is the list

  1. Financial discounts
  2. Commitment discounts
  3. Volume discounts
  4. Contractual discounts
  5. Buy 1 get 1
  6. Early pay
  7. Free shipping
  8. Industry (or vertical ) discounts
  9. Order specific
  10. Seasonal
  11. Trade discount (like reseller discount)
  12. Cash discount
  13. Client specific
  14. Geographical
  15. Promotional
  16. Pre-launch
  17. Early birds
  18. Cross-sell
  19. Upsell
  20. Production discounts
  21. Customer characteristics
  22. Age related discounts
  23. Coupon (and discount card)

I just discovered that wikipedia has a longer list

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