My recipe for home made bread


Preparation - 20 of work, 3 hours of waiting

  1. Mix the flour with the salt in a big bowl
  2. add the yeast. Do not allow the yeast to be in direct contact with the salt, if you have mixed well on step one you are good to go.
  3. Slowly add water and continue to mix. Put flour on your hands if the dough is too sticky. I use a little plastic scraper
  4. Continue to mix until you get a ball
  5. Keep the dough in the bowl and cover with a damp cloth (or, less ecological, cling film) and let rise for 2h. The dough will more than double in size
  6. give some punches to your dough, this is fun
  7. Flour your hand and work the loaf again for 1-2 minutes
  8. Put the dough on a baking parchment. Cover with a damp cloth for a further hour
  9. pre heat the oven (no fan) at 230°C
  10. dust the top of your dough with some flour and cut a cross into it with a sharp knife
  11. Put 25 min in the oven reducing the temperature to 220°C
  12. Enjoy
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