Startup founder stages - part 1

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Seen from the founder

This is a, first draft, of a list of stages founders will go through, in no particular order (yet)

I hope to get your feedback. I will then work to find some support (experience, sites, books) for each

  1. I want to become an entrepreneur but no ideas
  2. I’ve an idea but no way to make it happen
  3. I’ve and idea and know where to start
  4. I can do an MVP - but not done yet
  5. I have an MVP
  6. Should I be CEO
  7. I’m pivoting (may happen multiple times)
  8. I’m on the verge of bankruptcy
  9. I’m not selling enough
  10. I’m not selling at all
  11. I’m selling too much
  12. I need cash to grow
  13. I need an investor
  14. I need a co-founder
  15. What is a balance sheet?
  16. I need to hire my first person
  17. I need hire my 20th person
  18. I need hire my 100th person
  19. What is a board?
  20. How do I think outside the box
  21. How do I avoid middle management?
  22. I’m not a startup anymore (300+ employees)
  23. They want to buy me
  24. They want to invest in me
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