Even simple things need change to stay alive

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I am late 7 articles on this blog. I am supposed to write something every day, but it is not happening.


Because it is too complicated. While simple compared to Wordpress, it is still too complicated for me to do it on-the-fly. It was not at the beginning, so what happened?

It is due to simplification and time. At the beginning of this blog journey, I had lots of ideas and great enthusiasm. To diversify the content, I decided that each day would have a topic. It was a life-saver, I wrote until one week ago on different topics thanks to that editing calendar.

But now, after 175 articles, I run low on some topics and have a lot of ideas on others. Feeding you, my readers, with lousy content is not part of the plan. So this is the end of the editing calendar. It also marks

I also need to simplify the writing process, it is still too convoluted (copy folders, put the right date, etc…). Not sure how yet.

What’s next

This blog is here to force me into the habit of consistency. So time to make some changes to keep the end-goal alive.

Final thoughts

Keep the important stuff in mind, don’t be afraid to change things as soon as cracks appear!

à bientôt

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