avoiding lastpass for most used password without killing security

I use LastPass, and I find it a great tool, but while on the road, it is complicated to remember that the password for the mobile website is ia0oJ4a&// and even harder to enter on a mobile phone.

This password checker tells me that the password above is very strong, **as is RinobeatsCheetah!! **.

Remembering RinobeatsCheetah!! is easy. To create a long-term memory, you need to associate the content with emotion. In this case, as an example, you are saving this password for a website with a horse logo. What you need to do is to imagine the end of a race with a rino celebrating (the crazier, the better) with a cheetah and horse in the background feeling very frustrating. 10 seconds and that password is you forever.

Long-term-memory = Memory + Emotion

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