Want a good memory? Learn to learn

I have a terrible memory, and at school that was kind of a problem as most of the world, education is about memorising things.

Until a training I did (from Jim Kwik) taught me to learn how to learn.

Most technics involve connecting what remembering with places and emotions.

So let’s take a place we all know very well: our body.

For example, to memorise a grocery list made of

Try to do the following with me.

Imagine, as clearly as you can, eggs smashed on your head with all the awful feelings of the white falling like lava on your head. Then focus on the smell of fried bacon slices that would work so well with the eggs on your head (fun). Next visualise trying to fit a massive cauliflower in your mouth, stretching it a lot, almost like a snake. After all those efforts, see yourself removing dust on your shoulders in a very posh way. And finally liquid chocolate falling like waterfalls from your ears (fun)

I’m sure you now remember the list too :)

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