Being guided by the phone

Let me share an example of without emotions, there is no memory that happened today.

First some context, I’m terrible with directions, I get lost everywhere and, except in video games, not really good with maps. Which is why I often relied on maps on my phone to guide me.

Today I decided not to use my phone, except for calls.

I arrived at a London tube station. I’ve been 2-3 times in the past. I’ve always followed the advice from my phone to get to my son’s school. Today, I was impressed, while having done the walk multiple times, without my map app, I was very unsure about where to go, and when to turn. This was frustrating, and frustration might not be a positive emotion, it is a powerful one.

Now I can remember every road turn I did while fearing each time that it would lead me to be late to pick up my kid.

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