Opening my second-brain to the world

Hello, today I’m excited to share access to my second-brain -a zettelkasten- where I store new learning and discoveries, connecting them with my current knowledge. You can see it as a Wikipedia of my brain, or a second brain, where I can get back to my thoughts, be surprised by how concepts connect one to another.

My Zettelkasten Graph

I’m sure you also had the same feeling: reading a book, finishing it, feeling inspired and … not remembering more than one of two ideas. Even worst, after a week, all the notes, underlined paragraphs and folded corner miss so much context that they are now meaningless. The zettelkasten allows me to keep most of those good ideas in a single place and extend my knowledge on topics I care about.

There are two halfes of my brain

one is about personal improvement, and focuses on

the second half is about tech

I started this half recently with an extention of the AWS CUR documentation to connecte the 100+ fields of the CUR into something useful.

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