How build a team (ebook)

Hello everyone. Long time no read.

During my spare time in the past weeks I have been writing a short (37 pages) ebook on how to build a team. I will continue to update the book as I learn more and get feedback, so if you buy it now it will get updated regularly without aditional cost. It is part of me learning in public and trying to make useful content out of my knowledge and experience.

This guide to the newly appointed Manager shares best practices to build a team. It covers three important periods:

  1. When you know you will be manager, but the others don’t. It is time to plan, hire, and work on mental preparation.
  2. The first two weeks as a manager. Time to gather intelligence, understand who is who, and build bridges.
  3. How to run a team. My list of must-have principles underpinning my leadership style. These principles have helped me for years, and I hope they can help you too. They include, managing recognition and rewards, creating cohesion, and doing better meetings.


What is a Manager?

Becoming a Manager is a choice. A choice that changes the direction of a career. It happens when a doer accepts—often as a promotion—to become a protector of doers: moving from producing tangible value to helping others do it. A manager manages conflicts, manages morale, manages workloads, manages results, manages expectations, manages budgets, manages politics. Unsurprisingly, a Manager manages…a lot.

What is the difference between a Manager and a Senior role?

At first view, there seem to be very little difference between a senior person and a manager. Often both roles are interchangeable, but each role has a speciality that cannot be done by anyone else: a Manager manages conflict, a Senior person handles quality. A Manager approves holiday; negotiates pay-rise (or not); hires and fires; manages complains and escalations. A Senior person helps deliver better quality, by mentoring, supporting, guiding people and defining the quality standard for the team.

You can find it on or by searching for B09Z8H8LFR on any search engine.

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