2018-03-27 [Technical,Short] run git and Gradle and Java from docker without installing anything

Docker is not a light-VM it is much more Docker is often used as a light-VM. But this is the wrong way to see it. For me, it really shines when you use it to run complex programs, with complex dependencies without installing anything on your computer. As a developer I often need to have multiple versions of the same … Read More

2018-03-26 [technical] using Docker to do clean development on a mac

Here is how to clone a git repository, run Gradle on the code without installing git or Gradle on your mac. I’ll be using Docker (already installed on my computer) Creating the dev folder mkdir ~/dev cd ~/dev> mkdir gdax-java-gradle-home Running git without installing git docker run –rm -v $(pwd):/git -w /git alpine/git clone https://github.com/irufus/gdax-java.git cd gdax-java #edit the source … Read More

2018-03-24 and 25 – Last two days of the Paleo-diet (De Vany)

Hi everyone. I’ve now finished by one week test of the Paleo diet (De Vany diet). It was interesting and here are some facts and information: I lost one Kg (2.2 Pounds) in one week. Nothing to scream about, but positive My mood over the weekend was crap, I was impatient with my kids. Bad Missing on important food event with … Read More

[Technical] Setting up a Java development environment on Windows

  Becoming a java developer, again Once again we are at that time of the year when I want to do code. And as my time is limited, I will focus on Java, and as usual, most tools have changed and being able to code from the command line, and an IDE requires doing complicated things My goal is to … Read More

2018-03-23 De Vany – Day 5

I feel better, following the diet is more comfortable since I discovered that POD (fast, healthy restaurant chain) has the kind of recipe I need. The morning I still miss the bread and having a big plate of pasta is now becoming a recurrent dream 🙂 Thank god it’s Friday! Two days of full-blown diet to go, then definitely fewer carbs in general, … Read More

2018-03-22 De Vany diet day 4 and Today’s journal

De Vany diet – Day 4 Today I woke up in good shape, no head pain and in good mood. Most importantly, not hungry! I had a good breakfast with egg with bacon, melon, and black coffee (no sugar). I felt satisfied for the first time in a while. Maybe something is really happening. News of the day –  two types … Read More

2018-03-21 De Vany diet, day 3 – Not good

Hi everyone. First of all, thank you for the support I have received in the last 3 days since I started the De Vany diet. It is both humbling and powerful. I’m on day 3 of the diet I’m finding lots of problems associated with it and some positives. Some problems are personal, other family and some practical. There are … Read More

2018-03-20 Making money while losing the war

Today, while walking on the street, I saw a pest control advertisement. This made me think about a counterintuitive reality: there are businesses that are profitable while advertising that they will never be able to solve their customers’ problems. Interesting In this case, we talk about pest control, not pest elimination. The name made it clear, they -try to- control, not … Read More

2018-03-19 Trying for a week the De Vany diet (Paleo diet).

De Vany diet

This week, I’ll be trying the De Vany diet (Paleo diet). It should become my new way of eating and live longer, but as you may know, I prefer to live less but enjoy life (including food) more. Lions in captivity live three times longer than wild ones. Which one is happier? My bet is on the free ones. I discovered … Read More