Using a Yubikey for 2 factor authentication

Following on the previous security article I want to talk about 2 factor authentication.

2FA (as it is also known) is a 2 level of security on top of the usual username and password. In the James Bond movies it usually is eye scan, dna or simply fingerprint.

Well in the real world, if 2FA is enable on your account, after entering a username and password, you will be sent something on your mobile phone to validate that yes, not only you know the username and password, but you also have access to something personal and physical.

On of the most secure system of 2FA is Google Authenticator, which provides 6 numbers, changing every 30 seconds, as second password. My main issue with this is the pain I need to go through if I lose my phone or it breaks.

So I recommend using a Yubikey that I consider like a car key for a computer. Using a Yubikey means that all the code generation is in the key and I can use any phone (and installing the yubi software) to get access to my stuff.

I consider less likely to lose the key than break/lose my phone (I have kids which increase the likelyhood by a lot). So have a look.

PS: I’ve no connections with Yubikey or make any money out of this

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